12 Fun Things to Do in Tucson at Night

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Tucson, Arizona’s second-largest city, boasts a warm and sunny climate all year round, making it a popular destination for outdoor recreation in several national parks.

People love to visit Tucson for several reasons – the incredible natural scenery, delicious food, and vibrant neighborhoods are some.

The fun never stops when the sun goes down in this city, as there are so many things to do in Tucson at night. If you’re planning to travel to this amazing place, read on to learn all the best ways you can extend your daily itinerary.

Nighttime Arts and Culture

Explore the city’s unique art and culture and natural beauty in both indoor and outdoor venues.

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

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Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is one of the most visited attractions in the state. This living museum, spanning over 98 acres, is home to more than 230 species of animals and 12,000 types of plants native to the Sonoran Desert.

This is definitely one of the fun things to do in Tucson at night that you should include in your itinerary. Witness the desert come alive as nocturnal animals awake.

Watch bats in pursuit of dinner perform aerial acrobatics, get entertained by beavers splashing around in their pond, and be amazed by scorpions glowing green under black light.

Bloom Watch

Bloom Watch is an annual night event at Tohono Chul, where guests are invited to witness the mystery, majesty, and beauty of the night-blooming cereus, Peniocereus greggii – Queen of the Night.

This is one of Tucson’s most highly anticipated summer events, exclusive to members. Those who wish to experience this magical spectacle will have to wait for the announcement via email, which is usually 12 hours or more from the event night.

Tohono Chul memberships start at $35 for an individual membership and $65 for a family or dual membership. You can purchase your membership online or at the door during Bloom Night.

Downtown Tucson's Nightlife

After the sun goes down, Downtown Tucson’s vibrant nightlife and bar scene is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy great food, cocktails, craft brews, live music, and entertainment.

The Buffet Bar

Located in one of Tucson’s oldest neighborhoods, you’ll find the city’s oldest bar, The Buffet Bar. Originally called Lantern Buffet when it opened in 1934, the bar has become one of America’s most legendary dives.

Come as you are and enjoy the Tucson, AZ, nightlife at this authentic, no-frills establishment. And if you haven’t tried The Trash Can, make sure you do on your next visit!

Tap & Bottle

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Tap & Bottle

Tap & Bottle is a craft beer and wine-tasting room and bottle shop. There’s no better place to grab local craft beers and fine wines than here. It’s the perfect Tucson nightlife spot to bring your friends and simply relax after a long day at work.

Borderlands Brewing

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Borderlands Brewing

Borderlands Brewing is a brewery known for its authentic craft beers. It’s located inside a 100-year-old building along the railroad tracks, offering an entirely unique experience.

You can choose to enjoy your company in the indoor taproom or in the large outdoor patio. The brewery also has a Social Club where you can enjoy the use of large TV’s or play a game of pool.

Night Markets

Shop under the stars at night markets that showcase the offerings of Tucson’s artisans, makers, small businesses, and food vendors.

Makers Market at The Tuxon

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Makers Market at The Tuxon

This market created by artist Lilith & Daughters includes over 40 makers. You’re sure to find everything here, from baked goods and candles to jewelry and paintings.

Moon Market

This monthly moon market is hosted by Four of Wands. The market features $20 Zodiac-themed flash tattoos and mystical vendors. Come here for astrology, palm reading, and bone and tarot readings.

4th Ave Flea Market

4th Ave. Flea Market

This summer night market is hosted by the same group behind the popular biannual Made In Tucson market. There will be a total of 43 makers, bakers, and vintage vendors. The venue will be in the old Ordinary Bike Shop building at 311 E. Seventh St.

Summer Night Market

This night market is held at the MSA Annex every last Friday of the month from June through September. Discover great buys from more than 50 local makers that offer jewelry, vintage clothing, candles, sweets, and more.

Ghost Tours

If you’d like to experience a thrilling adventure, join the Tucson Ghost Tour, a 90-minute walking tour in downtown Tucson about the historic buildings in the area and the paranormal activities that have occurred throughout their history.

The tours begin in front of LaCo on Court Avenue across from the Presidio San Agustin del Tucson. Some of the sites included in the tour are the Old Town Artisans shops, the Historic Pima County Court House, and The Hotel Congress.

Stargazing in the Desert

Look up and marvel at the stars as they light up the night sky.

Stargazing in the Desert

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SkyNights is a five-hour program hosted by Mount Lemmon SkyCenter. The guided navigation of the night sky starts with binoculars and ends with views through the Schulman 32-inch and/or the Phillips 24-inch telescopes.

Depending on the time of year, there will be opportunities for you to view the Earth’s neighboring planets, and even the galaxies and nebula millions of light-years away.

Spencer's Observatory

Located on the grounds of Cat Mountain Lodge on Tucson’s west side, Spencer’s Observatory is a privately-owned observatory that offers personalized guided star tours for groups of up to ten people. The observatory has three different telescopes to use for stargazing.

Fun Things to Do in Tucson at Night

Wrap Up

There you have it, a list of all the many fun things to do in Tucson at night. You’ll never run out of places to go to and unique experiences to enjoy with your family or friends.

If you happen to fall in love with the place and want to know the properties available for sale in the area, feel free to give me a call at 520.245.9000 or email me at Sally@Tubac.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to get around Tucson at night is by car. While there are several public transportation options, you’ll need your own vehicle to reach top sites like the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. Rental cars are available, and the rates are reasonable.

The best times to visit Tucson are from April to May and from September to October. These months offer pleasant weather and relatively cooler evenings.

Yes, Spencer’s Observatory offers personalized guided star tours for groups of up to ten people.

Yes, you can! You can go to Saguaro National Park to watch the night sky and see thousands of stars, the arms of the Milky Way Galaxy, and so much more.

Tucson is generally safe for tourists. However, take caution when going around the city in the late hours of the night. Although crimes usually involve theft, not violence, be aware of your surroundings and avoid making unsafe decisions.