Top Restaurants in Tubac, AZ

For many, dining isn’t just about eating. It’s a full immersion into a vibrant community’s flavors, textures, aromas, and cultural richness.

Most of the restaurants in Tubac, AZ, are family-style establishments spread throughout the town’s picturesque cobbled lanes.

From romantic patio dining to delicious water-front dining or even a formal dining room experience, Tubac covers all your dining needs.

Discover the best foods Tubac offers through this ultimate guide that captures the culinary delights of this charming historical village in Arizona!

Historic Dining Destinations

quesadillas with sliced avocado and dip, tubac restaurants

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Elvira is a fine-dining Tubac restaurant with unique Mexican cuisine infused with a fusion touch.

As the birthplace of innovative fusion cuisine, Elvira stretches the boundaries of the culinary world, offering an extraordinary dining experience. The food remains fundamentally Mexican, ensuring authentic flavors with an inventive twist.

Reservations are highly recommended when planning to eat at this restaurant.

Guests can enjoy their meals in a choice of indoor or outdoor settings. The eclectic decor adds an interesting and artistic flair, perfectly complementing the relaxing music that creates a soothing atmosphere.

  • Mole Negro Oaxãqueño – One of the most popular dishes at Elvira due to its harmonious blend of chile chiluacle rojo, pasilla, cascabel, mulato, and chipotle peppers, combined with the richness of sesame seeds and cacao.
  • Chile Relleno – An egg-coated roasted Anaheim chile packed with Mexican queso regional and vibrant Mexican red sauce made from tomatoes, onions, and Anaheim chiles. It is accompanied by Elvino’s perfectly cooked house rice and savory refried beans. This fresh and sublime entree promises an unforgettable dining experience at a reasonable price.
  • Quesadillas – These handball-sized quesadillas are made from flour tortillas, bursting with melted Menonita and Asadero cheeses. Served with a side of hearty beans, vibrant salsa fresca, and tangy pickled red onions, these quesadillas are perfect on their own or with your choice of savory add-ons: succulent chicken, flavorful flank steak, or earthy sautéed mushrooms.

“ True fine dining Mexican food is something often attempted but seldom well executed. Elvira is one of the few places that do everything right. Our server was suburb and the decor, which is a sea of glass rain drops is stunning. The food was delicate and delicious. Our chilli rellenos were excellent and the mochomos were amazing. Yes Elvira is relatively pricey but you get exactly what you pay for – great service, amazing food and a beautiful atmosphere. “ – Dov Frazer

eggs benidict in tubac restaurants

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The Stables Ranch Grille offers an inspired dining experience with rustic hacienda charm.

Located in what was once the stables of the well-known Otero Ranch, the restaurant retains authentic details like saddles and sombreros, showing its rich past while creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere for dining.

Guests can enjoy various meals, including breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, dessert, and a full-service bar. The restaurant features outdoor seating and a cozy fireplace, making it a perfect spot for any occasion.

  • Tomahawk Pork Chop – This is the house specialty of The Stables Ranch Grille. The pork chop is paired with savory Anson Mills farro, wild mushrooms, and tender broccolini. Finished with a unique mustard seed walnut crust, it promises flavorful bites.
  • Egg Benedict – Stables Ranch Grille’s breakfast hasn’t missed a beat with their Egg Benedict. It is a poached egg atop a toasted English muffin, generously drizzled with rich, creamy hollandaise sauce. You can also choose from savory smoked ham, fresh tomato Florentine, or zesty green chile pork.
  • Chocolate Lava Cake – This delightful dessert features a warm, rich cake with a luscious melted dark chocolate truffle center. It is paired perfectly with a scoop of creamy vanilla bean ice cream.

“ Stables is located within the Tubac resort. Fun place to stop in during the Christmas season. Nicely decorated resort and festive environment. Somewhat overpriced. Be prepared to pay $15 for a simple cocktail. Service was friendly, if not the quickest. But then again we went Christmas Eve.
Parking is located a long walk aways from the restaurant. Not ideal for handicap visitors.” – Kelly L

Cafes and Bistros

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Tubac Deli & Coffee Company is a beacon of culinary delight and pet-friendliness. It has handcrafted pastries, pies, bread, and a selection of coffee and espresso drinks for a delectable breakfast and lunch.

With outdoor seating that welcomes dogs, this restaurant embraces the spirit of community and inclusivity.

  • Roast Beef Dip – A tender slice of roast beef generously layered with melted Swiss cheese nestled between your choice of soft, freshly baked white, wheat, or rye bread. It’s a classic favorite elevated to perfection, creating a mouthwatering dining experience.
  • Caribbean Turkey – This dish features turkey, juicy pineapple chunks, and crunchy cashews atop a bed of fresh harvest mixed greens, creating a symphony of flavors and textures. It is Drizzled with gluten-free mango pineapple dressing.
  • Gyros – It features tender, seasoned meat nestled within warm, fluffy pita bread. Topped with the freshness of juicy tomatoes and crisp onions, making bite bursts with flavor. Drizzle with creamy Tzatziki sauce for the perfect balance of tanginess and richness.

“ Great morning spot to stop for good coffee, large breakfast sandwiches, tasty smoothies, & even quiche! Had gluten free options for those in our family that needed that too! Loved this spot, friendly staff & not too busy so we felt comfortable eating inside too. Hope to go back again in the future! ” – Sara Papendick Albrecht

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Nestled along the old Nogales Highway, Wisdom’s Cafe has been a dining tradition for almost three generations! Founded by Howard and Petra Wisdom, this quaint cafe has become a beloved fixture in Tubac, known for its authentic Mexican cuisine.

It is among the popular Tubac restaurants, where you want to keep it a secret from the crowds hitting the place to secure a table for lunch.

  • Mahi Mahi Tacos – The customer’s fave that you must try! Savor the exquisite flavor of pan-seared Mahi-mahi nestled in flour tortillas, generously topped with crisp lettuce and tantalizing Pineapple Mango Salsa. It comes with Mexican rice and hearty frijoles de la olla, simmered pinto beans, and garnished with fresh cilantro and onion.
  • Chille Relleno – A succulent roasted Anaheim chile generously stuffed with cheese, dipped into secret batter, and fried to a golden, crispy perfection. Served alongside a dollop of creamy sour cream, crisp lettuce, and juicy tomato, where each bite promises a symphony of flavors and textures. You can add a tangy green Tomatillo Salsa or rich red Enchilada sauce for an additional $2.
  • Cliff Burrito – A flavor-packed cuisine where tender shredded beef is paired with beans in a large flour tortilla and smothered with zesty red enchilada sauce and cheddar jack cheese. It is served with a crisp bed of lettuce and juicy tomatoes, topped with a sprinkle of cheddar jack cheese. You can smother your burrito with bold red enchilada or tangy green tomatillo sauce for just $2.

“ Wisdom’s cafe is a gem. It took us two attempts to get in as the place seems always busy. I didn’t even know it existed until passing by a couple of times and noticed all the cars. Historic, a bit rustic and decorated as you would expect with so much history. Has to be the most popular restaurant for many miles. Our food was great and service to match. There’s a reason that Wisdom’s is always packed. Get there early! ” – Ron Hebert

Fine Dining Experiences

a salmon dish in tubac restaurants

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The Grill at Quail Creek stands as a charming centerpiece, where neighbors gather and connect over delectable cuisine and warm conversations. This spot has blossomed into a haven of hospitality following a thoughtful renovation and expansion.

Its larger indoor and outdoor dining areas invite guests to savor their meals amidst the gentle breeze or cozy indoor setting. For those seeking exclusivity, the board room with a fireplace offers an intimate setting for private gatherings and celebrations.

Its U-shaped bar also welcomes locals and visitors to unwind and indulge in spirited camaraderie during lively happy hours with friends.

  • Cuban Reuben – Creating a fusion of flavors featuring succulent pork carnitas and savory corned beef layered with zesty mustard, creamy thousand island dressing, sliced pickles, sauerkraut, and Swiss cheese, all nestled between slices of toasted rye bread. Pair it with your choice of side for a satisfying meal.
  • Fish Baja Tacos – For a taste of coastal flavor, you can select from beer-battered cod or grilled fish, perfectly complemented by crisp cabbage, vibrant pico de gallo, shredded cheddar-jack cheese, and a kick of chipotle aioli, all nestled within soft corn tortillas.
  • Chicken Marsala – A tender seared chicken is bathed in a luscious marsala sauce, adorned with creamy mushrooms and rich demi-glace, served alongside velvety mashed potatoes and a medley of seasonal vegetables. It’s a dish that embodies warmth and sophistication, perfect for any occasion.

“ We’ve been back here many times since and have always had a good experience with staff and love the live music! My 6 year old son always cuts a little rug and has a great time with everyone including the bands. Meatloaf was good too, as is their pizza, ribs, seafood fettuccine, and others I’m sure. The wine flight is a bargain. One suggestion is to open up the dance floor a bit more.

Nothing but accolades for The Grill at Quail Creek. Celebrated my mom’s birthday here in a private room which was beautiful and perfect for a very energetic 5 year old. Food was good and reasonable especially without drinks. The staff was very accommodating. Moved out to the bar area where there was live music and my son took over and got everyone in the dancing mood. Great band playing a mix of 70s & 80s mostly and even allowed my son to use the tambourine ” – GT Bird

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One of the finest pizza restaurants in Tubac is Shelby’s Bistro. This establishment doesn’t stop with pizza. It also offers a delectable selection of pasta, sandwiches, and mouthwatering side dishes.

  • Shrimp & Avocado Salad – A refreshing blend of flavors with shrimp, avocado, crisp romaine lettuce, juicy tomatoes, cilantro, and cucumber. All tossed together in zesty Caesar dressing for a burst of Mediterranean-inspired taste. You can personalize your salad experience by selecting from various substitute dressings, including ranch, bleu cheese, raspberry walnut vinaigrette, apple cider vinaigrette, or infused vinaigrette dressing.
  • Mediterranean Pizza – This savory pizza features a basil pesto base topped with tender grilled chicken, succulent artichoke hearts, briny kalamata olives, ripe fresh tomatoes, and generous gooey mozzarella and tangy feta cheese.
  • Joe’s Jalapeno Burger – Get ready to spice up your dining experience with Joe’s Jalapeno Burger. With premium Angus beef, this mouthwatering burger is packed with fiery jalapenos, rich cheddar cheese, crisp romaine lettuce, and juicy tomato.

“ If you take a road trip from Phoenix past Tucson to Tubac, you MUST visit this place for the most amazing food and super efficient and friendly service. A great little Cafe with a great patio that has spectacular views of the ginormous Santa Rita mountains of Green Valley. I’ve been coming here for years and not much ever changes – which is a good thing. Eat here! ” – Tom R

Hidden Gems

a plate of pizza served in tubac restaurants

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The Italian Peasant in Tubac, AZ is a perfect place for food lovers, who would like to taste the real Italian cuisine and simultaneously enjoy the beauty of the desert.

They offer home made pasta, wood oven baked pizzas and a variety of other meals made from fresh items available in the local market and prepared from traditional recipes.

  • Supreme Pizza – It has a crispy crust, expertly crafted to avoid scorched edges, and is generously adorned with luscious slices of melted mozzarella and a colorful array of fresh veggies.
  • Antipasto – Prepare to be impressed by the generous portion of this dish and its flavors. It features thinly sliced authentic meat, aged cheeses that tantalize the taste buds and a vibrant selection of premium veggies.
  • Peasant – This hearty delight features a savory combination of bacon, sautéed mushrooms, and onions, all nestled between soft burger roll perfection. You can complete your meal with hand-cut French fries or our homemade coleslaw sides.

“ We stopped today to celebrate Mother’s Day. Started with Veg Antipasto. It’s a meal in itself. I had the recommended steak sandwich with fries and ate it all. My wife, their awesome chicken piccata. As we were eating, a server walked by with a gorgeous pizza. (yes, they can be that good looking) So we ordered one to go. We are not drinkers so it wasn’t alcohol induced. The food here is not only delicious but very appealing. I like that I can ask, “What do you recommend?” and I’ve never been disappointed. If you have not eaten here, you are remiss. ” – Ted Grego

Wrap Up

Tubac, AZ, is packed with flavorful cuisines that will surely delight your taste buds. Just remember that popular restaurants are quite full, so make sure to make a reservation to secure a table when you visit Tubac!

Share your memorable experience with our team by contacting us at 520.245.9000 or 520.398.8221. Let us hear from you!

a salmon dish in tubac restaurants

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tubac, AZ, is rich in Southwestern cuisine and heavily influenced by Mexican flavors and ingredients.

Some of the most popular dishes in Tubac include beef dishes, often served with tortillas, beans, and rice. Additionally, local restaurants often feature dishes like enchiladas, tacos, and burritos.

Yes. Booking reservations are highly recommended at Tubac’s top restaurants, especially during peak dining times, weekends, and tourist seasons.

Popular dining spots like Elvira’s and the Stables Ranch Grille can fill up quickly because of their popularity and reputation for excellent food.

Yes. Some restaurants in Tubac, AZ, offer plenty of options for dietary needs. Their menu often includes vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free options to accommodate different preferences and requirements.

When making a reservation or upon arrival, inform the restaurant of any specific dietary restrictions you have so they can ensure your meal meets your needs.

Yes! Many of the restaurants in Tubac have outdoor dining options and are pet-friendly.

The average price range when dining in Tubac, AZ, is $20-$100.

Tubac’s restaurants are family-friendly, like the Wisdom’s Cafe, which often has kid-friendly menus, casual atmospheres, and outdoor areas.