About Tubac

The town of Tubac is over 250 years old and is the first European settlement in Arizona. The entrance into Tubac has a display of five flags. These five flags represent the five governing bodies that have laid claim to Tubac at one time. These governing bodies are Spain, Mexico, the Confederacy, the United States of America, and the State of Arizona. Tubac has also had five cultures since it has been inhabited. These cultures are Hohokam (300 B.C.,) Tohono O’odham (Pima) (400 A.D.,) Spanish (1645,) Mexican (1821,) and American (1853.) The word “Tubac” comes from the Pima Indian language and has a few different possibilities of what the word could mean. It can be interpreted to mean, “Low place,” “black or dark pond,” or “cloud.” The first interpretation is the most likely as the Pima Indians usually named places to indicate their geological features. Tubac has had a full and rich history from being the first European settlement in Arizona, a Mexican military post until the Gadsden Purchase, an American mining town, a Union Civil War Camp, and now Tubac is a growing and thriving artist’s community.